All Hopes On This Ghost Only!

By - December 27, 2016 - 07:18 PM IST

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When things are not going your way you would turn towards your lucky God or favorite sentiments to bail you out but would you bank on a ghost? Well, one hero seems to have this as the only option to come out of a lean period which is happening in his career.

He is none other than Allari Naresh. There was a time when his movies had minimum guarantee value in the market but his last set of movies didn’t really work. With this, Naresh’s graph has seen a downside and now he is pinning his hopes on one movie.

It is Intlo Deyyam Naakem Bhayyam. The film is due for release in a week’s time and this is touted to be a horror comedy. Helmed by Nageswar Reddy who is known for his comedy streak, let us wish the film works big at the box office and Allari Naresh bounces back with a bang.