Reviews Vs Filmmakers: A Focus

By - December 28, 2016 - 12:37 PM IST

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It is an open secret that the relationship between the cinema industry and the media is more of a love hate. Things get more sticky when it has to do with the film reviewers and the directors. However, this is a common war which has been happening since long.

Fact of the matter is, nobody can stop reviews. And after Facebook and social media took over, everyone has become a reviewer and you get on the spot updates from theatres. So, the better option for the film folks is to take it in their stride and keep moving forward.

A common grievance from the filmmakers is they worked really hard and nobody recognizes it. Well, everybody toils to make a movie but it has to be good enough. Word of mouth publicity is key and since all are giving reviews every individual is a media entity today.