What's This Wildest Desire?

By - December 28, 2016 - 03:39 PM IST

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All of us have our own share of wishes and desires but it does matter as to how sensible and reasonable are those desires. Coming to the film industry, there are those individuals who tend to have certain desires which cross the line and raise eyebrows in a big way.

At least that is the reaction coming now after hearing the statement from the erotic sex goddess Sunny Leone. Apparently, Sunny was sharing her thoughts when she reportedly revealed if a biopic is made on her then only one actress can do total justice to it.

Sunny was referring to the sensuous Brahmin beauty Vidya Balan. Well, Vidya grabbed eyeballs with her portrayal in the movie The Dirty Picture but many feel for Sunny’s biopic, it would take someone more hotter and sexier. For now, they are surprised at how Sunny took the name of Vidya.  
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