Anasuya Can Kill With Any Pose

By - December 29, 2016 - 10:59 AM IST

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You would have heard the famous line ‘If Looks Could Kill’ and this has to do with the beauty of a woman. This parlance is commonly used in the cinema industry which is the hottest hub for glamour and beauty. But in Tollywood, an interesting phenomenon is happening.

There is one lady who has the ability to kill just with her pose and whatever way she positions herself, it gets very exotic and attractive. The lady in discussion is the seductively charming Anasuya Bharadwaj. This anchor turned actress is ruling the roost.

In the last two years, Anasuya has transformed herself into a glamour diva and she has been making the best use of her oomph factor. Not stopping at that, she is also coming up with regular photo shoots which is adding more degrees to the heat. That’s Anasuya for you folks!

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