Seerat Kapoor Shocked with a Fanatic Fan's Act

By - December 29, 2016 - 07:36 PM IST

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Actress Seerat Kapoor shocked with the shocking response of a fanatic fan in the name of love towards her.

Going into the details, Seerat received a bleeding hand-cut of the letter 'S' (of Seerat Kapoor) to display his admiration for her. This whole thing disturbed her so much and today she posted a message to all her fans & also for the fans of all movie actors on the behalf of her & her actors’ fraternity.

She requested everyone to #loveyourself before showing or expressing their love towards the actors. This post got instant support from the actors like- Rakul Preet & Sudheer Babu. They also requested the fans not to indulge in these kinds of immature sorts of things.

Hope her statement would bring some change in those specific fanatics out there.

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