Is This Killing Telugu Music Eventually?

By - December 30, 2016 - 04:31 PM IST

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Music and songs are created for the entertainment of the people but it is also important that those who create them are benefited financially from it. However, when the element of rights and permissions come in, it tends to curb the spreading of the songs across various forums.

The New Year is approaching and it is heard that a company called Phonographic Performance Limited which holds the songs rights of nearly 90% Tollywood movies have sent a strict notice that without paying them the due royalty the songs cannot be played at any gathering.

Due to this, the music directors and lyricists get benefitted but it is obvious that not all can pay the required amount. Hence, it is heard that they are going for private songs and other language songs. The industry seniors feel this is going to kill Telugu music eventually so wonder what will happen.  

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