Problems Around Overseas Business

By - December 31, 2016 - 04:11 PM IST

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You are well aware that in the last decade, the overseas market has become a key component for film business and filmmakers make it a point to consider the requirement of the NRI audience before they shape up a story. However, there are some gritty challenges involved.

Apparently, for a film to get released abroad, even that country’s censor board should clear it. For that, the Subtitles are compulsory and if it is Gulf area it should be done in Arabic. Hence, the film first gets translated into English and then it gets translated into Arabic.

But here comes the trouble. In the English version, if words like God come in the Arabic version it comes as Allah. If that word is seen, that scene is removed. As it is, everything happens in a neck to neck moment but the gulf censor is very particular. Even in songs also, if there is vulgarity or double meaning, it gets underlined and they are removed. That way, the Gulf region is very strict.  As such, collections are very less from this territory but process is very rigid.

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