Bad News For Anjali Fans

By - January 02, 2017 - 09:50 AM IST

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Being the fan of a heroine means you have that inexplicable romantic feeling for her so it is obvious that when she gets into a relationship you would not be happy. Given that, one can imagine your situation if that favorite actress or heroine is getting married.

The seductive eyed beauty Anjali has won many hearts ever since she made her debut in Tollywood and many consider her to be a promising starlet who can make it to the top. But before that can happen, Anjali seems to have dropped a bomb on her fans.

Usually, when heroines marry they no longer act so with strong talk that Anjali is tying the knot, it is being deemed as bad news for Anjali fans. Let us wish this is not true and even if it is, she must continue acting. On the other hand, she has been linked to Tamil actor Jai so some are feeling he should support her. Only time will clear this total situation.
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