Raghu Kunche-Sira Sri's Reboot Song

By - January 02, 2017 - 06:46 PM IST

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Once a song is created, anything that comes on the same lines is either a remake or a rehash or a reboot. Lately, the reboot trend is in vogue and one number which caught the attention of the crowds recently has got into that mode.

The track goes ‘First time ammayi palakarimputho...’ and this is a song from the movie Ladies And Gentlemen which was rendered by Raghu Kunche. The lyrics are penned by Sira Sri. Now, the same number is getting rebooted and Raghu Kunche is releasing it on Madhura Audio.

The reboot version is coming with a complete video featuring Raghu Kunche. He shot few scenes at various countries he visited such as Singapore, Dubai, USA. This is a musical video and since he is an actor, everything is being done by him. The reboot song is releasing on 8th of January and the promo was released on Raghu’s Facebook profile. 

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