Superhit Song From Superflop Film Of 2016

By - January 03, 2017 - 01:11 PM IST

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A film may not do well at the box office but then if it comes with huge expectations and fizzles out, it is tagged as a super flop. The year 2016 saw one such super flop and it is Kabali. Except Tamil, the film could not take off in any of the languages.

But that doesn’t mean the film is forgotten and the reason for that is one song. It is the title song which created a major mania before the film came. Now, that song has once again come back albeit in a heavy metal mode. The noted guitarist Jhanu is responsible for this.

He is the man responsible for playing the guitar in the original track and this time he converted it into a heavy metal version. Fans of style samrat Rajnikanth are going crazy over this new song and yet again, Kabali is coming back into the headlines due to this number.

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