Who Scores Big With This Film

By - January 04, 2017 - 05:11 PM IST

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Unlike the regular commodities, you know well that cinema is a collective product and the silver screen is one platform which showcases the talent of many artists. Normally, the limelight is hogged by the hero and heroine and to an extent few other actors.

In lieu of that, discussions are now making rounds about the new movie Shatamanam Bhavathi and who is going to score big with it. Well, most of the fingers are pointing towards the leading lady of the film Anupama Parameshwaran.

While inside sources have revealed that she rocked as a heroine because she has an interesting characterization, the latest trailer is also showing enough evidence about her mettle. The film is due for release on January 14thso get set for the full treat from this sweet starlet.

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