Mega Hero's Hungama @ Dubbing Suite

By - January 06, 2017 - 01:04 PM IST

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What you see is what you know and that leads you to form impressions on individuals and situations. The same applies when you look at the film actors. But cinema is a collective product and there is a lot of effort that goes behind the screen as well.

One important aspect of that is dubbing and reports from Filmnagar reveal one mega hero took the members of a dubbing suite by surprise. He is none other than Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej. Apparently, Sai Dharam has begun dubbing for his new movie Winner.

Reports reveal he is doing the dubbing with a lot of focus and is completing his reels quickly. Normally, big heroes tend to take breaks every now and then but that doesn’t seem to be the case with Sai Dharam. Well, let us wish his efforts pay off and fetch him yet another success.