Car Maniac Producer In Tollywood

By - January 09, 2017 - 10:52 PM IST

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Almost everyone of you would have passion towards certain things or activities. While some love to have many clothes, some love to have shoes. And then there are those who love to have a fleet of cars. Tollywood has one producer who has that fixation.

He is none other than Raj Kandukuri, the producer of the hit movie Pelli Choopulu. Apparently, Raj has good choice of cars ranging from Range Rover, Audi, Jaguar, BMW to Mercedes Benz. He has all types of cars and yet his hunger for cars is more.

Sources close to him reveal he is also planning to buy Maserati and few more swanky brands. Meanwhile, some are wondering from where is Raj Kandukuri managing so much space to park his prized possessions. Whatever it may be, he is certainly setting a trend in Tollywood.