Big Hero's Career Graph In Tension

By - January 11, 2017 - 12:15 PM IST

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You are given some benefit of doubt when you are a second level hero and are going through a lean phase but if you are a superstar then there is no room for failure. Even a single flop can bring down your brand image and popularity quotient in a big way.

That seems to be the case right now with one big star. He is none other than Bollywood Baadshah Shah Rukh Khan. According to Mumbai trade analysts, SRK is arriving with his movie Raees and if that flops he will be doomed. To add to the woes, his contemporaries Salman and Aamir are rocking.

Lately, mighty heart Salman is coming up with content based movies and Mr Perfectionist Aamir doesn’t enter the field without doing thorough homework. On the contrary, King Khan is doing regular template flicks so it has not been working. Many feel he has to be serious about content and substance filled storylines from now on. For now, best of success to Raees.