Belt Step And Shoe Step Spoofs On Youtube

By - January 12, 2017 - 04:35 PM IST

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When you get onto Youtube there is endless entertainment for you because it has become the best platform for talented individuals to show their creativity. For them, the main source of inspiration is cinema and you will see enormous numbers of spoofs in the site.

Now, the netizens are saying that two forms of spoofs might just be invading Youtube. Apparently, in the song ‘Ammadu Kummudu’ megastar Chiranjeevi has done a belt step. Similarly, in another song ‘Sundari….’ a shoe lace tying step is there.

Both these steps have triggered a mania among the dance lovers as well as mega fans. As a result, it is being anticipated that many are going to do this in the form of spoofs and re-enact them during performances. This goes to show the stamina of Chiru.

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