Who Bothers About Reviews Now?

By - January 12, 2017 - 05:46 PM IST

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You tend to see a love and hate relationship between the film industry and the film reviewers and the reason being, the industry strongly believes the reviews damage the business of the films. On the other hand, reviewers maintain review gives an idea but final decision is taken by the audience.

While that battle has been hot for quite sometime, here is the fact. The big movies are beyond reviews. Nowadays everyone has become a film critic and is putting personal messages through Whatsapp and Facebook on how the film is and what would be its fate.

So, talk is coming out right from the theatres as the film is running onscreen. As a result, searching for a specific website for review has come down. There have also been instances where good rating movies flunked and average rating flicks became big successes. That’s the story folks!