Bahubali Shivudu's Father In Khaidi#150

By - January 13, 2017 - 06:12 PM IST

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One of the main reasons why you would like the magnum opus Baahubali is that most of the characters have been shown enough weight and presence. So, you tend to remember most of them. One such character was that of Shivudu’s father.

The man who did that role happens to be Imax Venkat. He was seen as Prabhas’s father. He is also seen in the song ‘Sivuni Aana…’. In the recent past, Imax Venkat is being seen in quite a number of films doing special appearances. Now, he has gotten into the big league.

Recently, he was seen in the movie Khaidi No 150 wherein he was seen as commissioner. Over a period of time, Venkat has been doing some fine performances.

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