Can He Make Rs 91 Cr More?

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The promising thing about Indian market is that you come up with one appealing product and it can rake you millions in no time. That is the power of the consumer base here. Hence, movies have that advantage and privilege to become the highest grossers.

Currently, the focus is on one movie. It is the Bollywood flick Dangal and as per latest reports, it has reached 701 crores making it the second highest grossing film in India. The first place is still occupied by PK which is standing at 792 crores.

So, the difference is just 91 crores. On the other hand, the film is looking set to touch the Rs 400 crores share easily. Interestingly, both Dangal and PK feature Mr Perfectionist Aamir Khan so he is now in a race to beat his own record. Many believe he will by the time full business run happens.

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