Nagababu Interviews Ram Gopal Varma?

By - January 19, 2017 - 05:18 PM IST

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When in the film industry there are certain industries which snowball into a controversy. At the same time, the heat with which they blow also makes them come down within no time. For instance, senior actress cum politician Roja breathed fire on megastar Chiranjeevi many times.

She was doing this as part of her political profile. But suddenly she ended up interviewing Chiru recently and many got shocked as to how this happened. Interestingly, the interview went on very well. Akin to that, another issue brewed up between mega brother Nagababu and filmmaker RGV.

Taking Roja-Chiru episode as the cue, some are wishing that both Nagababu and RGV also should do that. Apparently, the relation between the mega family and RGV was also nice but some tweets from RGV in the recent past created the gap.

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