Never Underestimate Dil Raju

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Once in a while you tend to come across certain interesting personalities in your life who have an amazing sense of intuition and judgement skills. These traits are much needed in the movie industry and Tollywood has one man who is known for it.
He is none other than Dil Raju. This producer/distributor was once called the man with the golden hand but in the recent past, he went through a lean phase. Just when everyone thought Dil Raju’s glory days are over, he bounced back with a bang.
His latest offering Shatamanam Bhavati is racing towards a blockbuster. Incidentally, he was keeping quiet prior to the release of the film and faced a lot of flak. Little did anyone know that Dil Raju knew exactly how the film would fare and his judgement has become right. So, never underestimate this man.

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