Madhura Sreedhar Reveals Raj Tharun's Acts

By - January 21, 2017 - 11:33 AM IST

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As audience what see is just the two and half hours of entertainment on the silver screen but behind that there is a lot of effort that goes between many individuals. The film fraternity works like an industry and coordination between many people is key.
The most important is the communication between the hero and director because that has a direct impact on the output of a movie. Normally, when friction happens nobody speaks about it in a public platform but director Madhura Sreedhar has shared few thoughts.
This is about the young hero Raj Tharun. The latest teaser about Madhura’s interview with a noted web journalist has revealed how he felt direct communication from Raj Tharun was important to avoid any misunderstandings. Wait for the full interview to know more.