What Is This Emotional Outburst?

By - January 24, 2017 - 11:02 AM IST

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All of us have our share of sentiments and when they get hurt, we tend to feel bad. However, there are those times when such incidents bring out the anger in us and situations go beyond control. This is happening now in the state of Tamil Nadu.
The Jallikattu controversy has taken an ugly turn yesterday with police resorting to Lathi charge to disperse the protestors. Meanwhile, many from the film fraternity are also offering their support. But in the midst of this, the emotional intensity has become a topic.
While folks like Lawrence Raghava are having tears about yesterday’s events, other heroes are feeling extremely upset. They state that it is all about their identity being taken away from them. Now that the ordinance has been passed, let us hope the Tamils cool down.

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