Which Celebrity Can Give Education On Special Status?

By - January 26, 2017 - 03:00 PM IST

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As a celebrity you not only become a famous film personality but also a role model to the society and many look up to you for guidance and wisdom. Given that, it is a huge responsibility and one must have the right sensibility.
This discussion has come up after the increasing momentum on Special Status for Andhra Pradesh. The movement is starting but the point is, what is the use? Is special status really possible? Does center have the funds to give?
As such, fighting for something impractical wont work. It is not just about Andhra Pradesh, there are other states like Bihar already in queue. Or else, can money from demonetization be diverted here? Instead of financial package, can something wise be done or else it will become like Samaikyandhra movement. So, it is better a celebrity comes forward and explains these realities.