Genuine Demand From Telugu Community

By - January 29, 2017 - 10:19 AM IST

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You might find this a bit unusual but then if you hail from the Telugu states and head to north, you would be perceived as a Madrasi i.e a Tamil person. It is only after the great N T Rama Rao took few steps that the Telugu identity got into vogue and things looked better.

Though there is more room for improvement, here is something which reflects how Telugu people are ignored. The Padma awards announced annually seem to have forgotten that Telugu stalwarts also exist. A genuine demand is coming from Telugu community as to why this is happening.

One man who has come forward boldly is the multitalented R P Patnaik who reminded how a legend like Sirivennela Seetarama Sastry is not being considered. Given the situation, it is about time the folks in Delhi start focusing on our states and do the needful.

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