Communal Attacks Vs Filmmakers

By - January 30, 2017 - 04:18 PM IST

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As the world is progressing towards a more practical and developmental path, India is going in the reverse direction. Elements like religious intolerance, sensitivity have taken the front seat and for no rhyme and reasoning, narrow minded groups resort to violence.

From a long time, many filmmakers have faced the wrath of communal groups owing to the kind of movies they made. Despite the fact that there is a legal system in place, these communal groups don’t hesitate for a second to take law in their own hands and create ruckus.

The levels of immaturity are reaching a new peak with these groups resorting to physical attacks even before verifying the facts and credentials of a certain storyline. As such, there is nothing much the filmmakers can do because mob hysteria has always been mad.

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