Tollywood Running Behind Hussain Sagar Hoardings

By - January 30, 2017 - 02:33 PM IST

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Apart from the electronic and online media the other powerful platform for you to promote your product is the hoardings and that creates a real time impact. There was a time when the entire city was pasted with cinema posters but now scene has changed.

Preference is given to hoardings and Tollywood has begun eyeing the hoardings at Hussain Sagar. Right from the Tank bund to NTR marg road, hoardings can be put up using solar power and many Tollywood folks are trying hard to grab a few for themselves.

For a long time the hoardings were banned by the government but now they are back and in Hussain Sagar, the location and visibility is excellent. Top production houses are planning to buy it in bulk and use them. The hoardings are in the control of a private body so we can now see cinema hoardings in good numbers in this area. 

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