Is He The Man Behind Nagababu's Twitter Account?

By - February 01, 2017 - 05:02 PM IST

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You might be a famous celebrity but that doesn’t mean you would have the expertise or the time to manage every aspect of your professional life. These days, having presence in the social media has become mandatory for celebrities and everyone joins now or later.

The latest in that list happens to be mega brother Nagababu. He has joined the Twitter account and is coming up with daily tweets. However, those who are following him feel it is being managed by another person. This inference came from one particular observation.

Among the list of names that Nagababu follows, there is a guy named RK who seems to be fighting for special status to Andhra Pradesh. As such, Nagababu entered twitter newly and nobody knows RK so many feel he is the one handling mega brother’s account. Only time will reveal the truth.

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