When Will Telugu Film Industry Open Eyes?

By - February 02, 2017 - 02:52 PM IST

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It is true that the Tollywood circuit has been the most sought after destination for many actors and actresses for making their careers. It is also the point of reference for biggies like Bollywood for storylines. However, it appears that our Tollywood folks are yet to open their eyes on one thing.

We are talking about the titles of those movies which come from Tamil in dubbed version. Most of them are coming with their original titles without any Telugu translation. In the past we have seen movies like Muthu, Kabali, I and few others.

Now, another film is coming with a Tamil title Yaman. Meanwhile, our Telugu movies get English titles when they get dubbed. As such, our acceptance levels have become too high and in the bargain we are losing our identity. This doesn’t work in Tamil, if you put pure Tamil title to your movie, you will get tax exemption as well. It is about time Tollywood realizes this.

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