Interesting Decision By Beautiful Heroine

By - February 02, 2017 - 10:14 AM IST

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The only reason why many among us cannot reach the success mark with the required pace is, we tend to mix our emotions with our work. Those who have the ability to separate these two tend to grow faster and become successful. You find such lot in the cine circuit.

Now, one beautiful heroine has taken an interesting decision. She is none other than the doe eyed beauty Amala Paul. It is known that recently Amala Paul split from her director husband Vijay just two years after marriage. She is now back into movies with full swing.

When asked about whether she would work with Vijay, Amala reportedly said her professional relation with him is intact. It only goes to convey that she is ready if he is ready. Those who heard this say Amala Paul seems to have a good grip over her emotions. Here’s wishing her the much needed success. 

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