Finally Baahubali Team Responded

By - February 03, 2017 - 10:45 AM IST

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Either you need to have a big heart or a very humble character to accept your fault and also make an effort to rectify it. This doesn’t happen with many people we meet in our lives. And such members are further rare in the cine circuit where inflated egos are much higher.

However, the team of one prestigious film had the nerve to come forward, accept their error, rectify it and close the case. We are talking about the magnum opus Baahubali 2. Recently, a poster was released and it got trolled severely for the visual bloopers.

Normally, any other team would have shrugged it and moved forward. However, Baahubali team didn’t take it lightly. They have corrected the mistake and re-released the same poster after correction. This goes to show how committed they are towards their work and open to genuine feedback as well.

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