Most Expensive Wedding Of This Season

By - February 04, 2017 - 10:19 AM IST

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Unlike the rest of the world, India is one country where weddings happen in the most extravagant manner and even a nobody can go and be a part of the feast. Given that, if a celebrity or a big fat wedding is on the cards, the whole scene is different.

Something like that happened recently in Hyderabad and it has become the talk of the town. This was the wedding of Keshav, grandson of the flamboyant T Subbarami Reddy. The who’s who of this nation right from the Ambanis to Bachchans attended the do.

Reports now reveal that just for the film celeb dance appearances, a good stash of crores was spent. On the other hand, the décor, the food menu, the stage settings and other paraphernalia touched a bomb. Many have declared this to be the most expensive wedding of the season.