Big Film Facing Too Many Bad Omens

By - February 09, 2017 - 11:55 AM IST

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You might be a very practical person in life but then there is always that unseen force which tends to control your destiny and shapes up your future. This is the reason why many in the film fraternity have certain strong set of sentiments and beliefs.

Lately, one big film has been going through a set of bad omens when it comes to its release. We are talking about the film Singham 3 featuring the supremely talented Suriya. Ever since the makers announced the release date, they postponed it several times.

All these postponements were due to external factors. Now, the film is braving up for release but then apprehensions are running high owing to the sensitive political situation in Tamil Nadu. Many of Suriya’s well wishers are praying the film runs smoothly and becomes a big hit to make up for all the bad omens. We hope the same too.

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