Sexy Girl's Hands In Dung

By - February 10, 2017 - 05:33 PM IST

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Anything that has to do with beauty you would not want any sort of dirt or ugly stuff coming around. And if it happens to be a hot and sexy girl, you would definitely keep the crappy stuff away. But one hot bombshell indulged herself in freshly made dung.

She is none other than the bikini goddess Sherlyn Chopra and she has uploaded a picture of herself wherein she is seen mixing dung in a bowl and preparing some dung cakes. Well, all this is happening for a new movie that Sherlyn is working for.

While many of her admirers are feeling pained looking at Sherlyn’s work commitment, there are also those who are dropping their jaws looking at her bountiful cleavage. From her end, Sherlyn seems to be totally enjoying what she is doing and that’s what matters ultimately.