'Mogalturu Monagadu' Title For Ram Charan?

By - February 10, 2017 - 11:40 AM IST

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Your true essence as a performer comes when you have the guts to take up roles that offer challenge and are made with a substantial storyline. For a long time, Tollywood star heroes refrained from doing so but the current generation stars are not like that.

One among them is mega powerstar Ram Charan. He dabbled few offbeat subjects with projects like Orange Dhruva and now he is coming up with yet another one. This is going to be a love story set on the backdrop of 90s and that too in total village backdrop.

The film is being helmed by logic director Sukumar and here is an update. The team is currently working on locking a title and Mogalturu Monagadu is being considered. Apparently, Charan’s native is Mogalturu and his dad Chiranjeevi hailed from that place. Let us wait for the official confirmation though.

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