Savitri And Soundarya Status For Anushka

By - February 11, 2017 - 06:01 PM IST

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Quite often you would come across discussions revolving around star heroes and superstars but the discussion about heroines is restricted. This is more so in Tollywood because it is a hero driven industry. However, there have been exceptions in this circuit as well.

Among the current generation of heroines, the awesome beauty Anushka created a market for herself. She is also placed in the category of yesteryear divas such as Mahanati Savitri and Soundarya. Now, another similarity has come for Anushka and the other two.

Apparently, both Savitri and Soundarya had acceptance though they had put on weight and started looking fleshier than before. Similarly, even Anushka has put on weight but still the demand and admiration for her remains the same. Point is, her image is beyond her looks now.

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