Biopics On Big Screen- Interviews On Small Screen

By - February 12, 2017 - 12:25 PM IST

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In order to thrive in the entertainment industry you have to remember that content is the king and as long as you can provide that properly your innings will be lengthened. However, it appears that this has become a major challenge for both avenues of entertainment.

It is being observed lately that the silver screen folks are focusing on biopics. This is not just in Bollywood but even in Tollywood. While some are focusing on historical stuff some are focusing on contemporary personalities. The success rate for that has been good.

Meanwhile, the small screen circuit which is known to be the hub of creativity has now taken another safe route. They are coming up with interview shows and as part of that, they are bringing in celebrities. It is nice to see celebs but then it is also implying that creating good and original content has become a challenge.

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