T-Celebrities Silent On TN Politics

By - February 13, 2017 - 03:36 PM IST

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As a celebrity it is imperative that you have your presence in the social media but there is also a flip side to it. The expectation from the social media followers is that you need to react or respond to even those issues that may not be relevant to you.

True to that, many celebrities do their best in responding to certain issues but this time the Tollywood celebrities are maintaining a stoic silence over one issue, this is the political situation in the state of Tamil Nadu. Just recently, the state was burning with Jallikattu issue.

During that time, many Tollywood biggies including the likes of superstar Mahesh Babu and power star Pawan Kalyan spoke about Jallikattu and offered their support. However, the situation has become different this time. Politics is always a sensitive matter and social media has become doubly sensitive so the T-folks are doing the right thing.

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