Can Censor Board Stand Up To The Wind?

By - February 15, 2017 - 01:30 PM IST

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There has been a constant tussle between the film fraternity and the censor board and this has to do with the cuts the board gives before passing the certification. While they still hold the iron grip, the advent of social media and internet is changing the situation.

Recently, few scenes which got edited from the movie Nenu Local were released on Youtube and they got a very good response. Something like this happened even with the movie Nenu Sailaja. This is adding that extra mileage to the movie while it is running in theatres.

Taking this as the reference point, few cine buffs are discussing that if censored scenes were uploaded on the internet then what would the censor board do. As such, there is no policing on Youtube so if this trend starts the value of censor board is sure to come down.