Car Is The 1st Big Thing In Film Industry

By - February 16, 2017 - 02:29 PM IST

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The first thing you need to aim for when in a professional environment is acceptance. Once you get that from those around, life becomes a lot peaceful and comfortable. In the film industry, there are certain prerequisites to find that acceptance.
Apparently, there is a lot of value given for pomp and flaunting. So, it doesn’t matter what your career graph is like, your lifestyle should look posh. Hence, there are many who prefer to take a car first than anything else. Here is an interesting trend observation.
For most of the film folks, the first possession is car and only after that home comes as a priority. It is heard that Tarun Bhaskar, the director of Pelli Choopulu was also offered a car by his producer Raj Kandukuri as a gift of appreciation but he took a sensible decision. Tarun reportedly said he would buy a home instead of car with that money. Despite that, there are those who have a car but would prefer a bigger car.  So, car is the key!

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