Lyricists And Music Directors To Go To Court

By - February 17, 2017 - 06:50 PM IST

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There are many speculations and gossips that make rounds about film industry folks but sometimes there is an element of truth in them. Discussion is happening now about a movement in the writers association of Tollywood.
Apparently, songs are written by lyricists and money is given to them, same is the case with music composing but the concern is, the general public don’t know who did what. Earlier, during the Akasavani times, announcements used to list out details of the song.
They used to mention about the singers, lyricists etc but now it is not coming. So now when FM Radio channels or TV is playing the songs they want the credits to be announced. Same with websites who are taking rights and uploading songs. This legal movement is to make sure this happens.

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