Director's House Becomes A Temple

By - February 21, 2017 - 11:18 AM IST

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No matter how clean your home is, you experience the ultimate purity and peace when you visit a temple. There is always an air of festivity inside the temple and the positive vibrations are always nice. But one Telugu director’s house is nothing less than a temple.

He is none other than Kala Tapasvi K Viswanath and recently his home became like a temple. Apparently, K Viswanath celebrated his birthday on February 19th and his place was filled with many visitors. All those who came brought fruits and other gifts.

Not stopping at that, some also conducted few Bhajans along with Carnatic music sessions. Even the floating visitors came and wished him. Normally movie folk parties means it happens in pubs with cake cutting etc but his birthday happened in the most traditional manner. K Viswanath is 87 and here’s wishing him many more years of health and happiness!

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