Akkineni Family Needs Naraghosha Puja?

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It is the most lovable family by many Telugu audiences and has maintained a zero controversy slate from many decades. On the other hand, they do their work without interfering in other matters and above all, the lady audience patronage for this camp heroes is high.

But currently the family seems to be going through rough weather. We are talking about the Akkineni family and out of that love, some are suggesting they should do Naraghosha Pooja. Well wishers say a lot of Drishti has fallen upon the family.

It is obvious because they themselves are a big family and their son Akhil was to marry the girl from the top 5 richest community family which got called off.  Normally, people would react emotionally or practically but the love for Akkineni family is making many think out of the box and they are suggesting something like the Naraghosha Puja. Here’s wishing that the Akkineni clan get to happy times soon.

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