Interesting First Look of Raasi's Lanka

By - February 23, 2017 - 05:46 PM IST

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Yesteryear glamorous and talented heroine Raasi is coming back into the centre of Telugu cinema with her maiden venture LANKA directed by Sri Muni. On the eventual Shiva Rathri festive occasion, makers have released the first look poster for media and public viewing. LANKA is produced by Namana Dinesh and Namana Vishnu Kumar on Rolling Rocks Entertainments banner presented by Namanam Sankara Rao and Sundari.

We are glad to have worked with very talented Raasi, Sri Muni, the two people behind making of LANKA. This film is a riveting suspense thriller and can be a new milestone in Raasi’s career. We produced the film on uncompromised, high budget with star technicians. LANKA first look poster is released today on Shiva Rathri occasion. Shooting part is completely wrapped up and post production is in progress. We will announce the release date very soon,” producers said.

Being a well crafted film whole team is over whelmed with the output especially performances of all artists.with uncompromising budget this film is produced and made it as equal to high budget film or movie is rich in making in all departments and as class as high  budget films are Said the Director Sri Muni.

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