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Starring: Vijay Antony, Mia George, Thiagarajan, Sangili Murugan, G. Marimuthu, Charle, Prinz Nithik, Swaminathan and others
Music: Vijay Anthony
Editor: Veera Senthil Raj
Produced by: A. Subaskaran, Fatima Vijay Antony & Miriyala Ravinder Reddy
Production Companies: Lyca Productions, Vijay Antony Film Corporation & Dwaraka Creations
Cinematographer, Writer & Director: Jeeva Shankar

Yaman Tag Line: Not 'Yaman' It's 'YAWN.'
Yaman Plot:

Ashok Chakravarthy (Vijay Antony) gets into a political rivalry with local goons Narasimha and Samba. Minister Pandu Ranga Rao also supports them. Ex-Minister Karunakaran (Thiyagarajan) extends his support to Ashok and Ashok successfully moves forward in this political game. Ashok expresses his wish of contesting in the upcoming elections when the MLA seat was supposed to be allocated to Karunakaran. But Ashok convinces the party members and grabs the MLA seat which disappoints Karunakaran, and it results in him planning for Ashok's murder with the help of Ashok's assistant (Prinz Nithik). But Ashok successfully escapes from it and defeats all his political enemies including Karunakaran and Pandu Ranga Rao and wins the election.

Vijay Antony performance is impressive in the movie. With his subtle performance, he carried the character of a common man very well. The poor writing didn't give him the necessary scope to put his best.
Mia George is good in her role and added glamor to the screen. Except for few romantic scenes and songs, she doesn't have a significant character in the movie.
After Vijay Antony, it is Thiagarajan who impressed us with his performance in the film. Thiagarajan convinces us as a good and intelligent politician in the movie with his performance.
Actors like Charle, Lollu Sabha Swaminathan, G. Marimathu, Sangili Murugan, Prinz Nithik and others did justice for their limited roles.

Yaman is promoted as an intense political thriller, but there are hardly any interesting high moments in the film. Yaman starts off with an interesting point, but the way director handled it leads us to a mediocre watch. The film is all about a person playing the political game defeating his enemies step by step to reach the top. Apparently, this kind of plot has been witnessed by us several times in the past. This is not new for our Telugu audiences too. There will be a scope for some good writing for films that are similar to that of Yaman. The audiences expect some amazing scenes where the villain plots something against hero and hero cleverly overcoming it.
Scenes like those are completely missing in this movie. There are hardly any interesting episodes in the film. Here and there, few dialogues about politics impressed the audiences, but the director lacked clarity in dealing the subject he has chosen. From one side, this film appears as an ordinary man's journey to grab the political power, and on the other hand, the film seems as a revenge drama planned and executed by a person who loses his father in the political battle. Either of the two aspects was not given clarity, and the director left us somewhere in between the two.
The routine way of executing an average plot is completely visible on the screen while watching Yaman. The director could have gone for an experiment in planning some entertaining as well as thrilling political episodes. On the other side, everyone in the movie except Vijay Antony is new for Telugu audiences.There is hardly any known Tamil face in the film (though we have watched many Tamil dubbed films in the past). This is a significant disadvantage of the movie. One more minus point of the film is the poor designing of the characters.
None of the characters in the film is strong. Mia George plays the heroine in the film. She earns a living by acting in films. But once she gets married to the hero, she becomes a homemaker who makes things ready for the husband, and a proper justification was not given for that role. Almost every other character in the movie was designed in a similar manner. The villains in the film are neither smart nor strong. They just try to go with the flow without leaving any impression.
Regarding technical aspects, the film looks sound. The cinematography of the movie is excellent. The mood of the film has been elevated entirely. The editing is okay. The film suffers poor narration in the second half. There are too many boring scenes in the movie which disturbs the audiences. The runtime of the film could have been chopped off. The songs act as speed breakers. Except for the last song, every other song irks a bit. The production values of the movie are nice. All the other people in the technical department gave their best for the movie.

- Performances
- Dialogues
- Cinematography

- Direction
- Screenplay
- Run-Time

The audio of the film was scored by Vijay Anthony, and it did not get enough appreciation from the music listeners, but the music is good in the movie. The background score of the film is in sync with the movie.

Hemachandra's dubbing for Vijay Antony suited well. The film might work to some extent for Tamil audiences, but it hardly tries to impress the Telugu viewers.

Yaman is a disappointing political thriller. The weak narration and the old-fashioned execution of the film offer boredom to the audiences. The film is neither gripping nor entertaining.

Yaman Avg User Rating: 2.25/5 

- Reviewed by Rayarao Sriram

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