Rajamouli's Joke On His VFX Team

By - February 25, 2017 - 05:56 PM IST

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Most of the times when you see the tough taskmaster S S Rajamouli sharing his thoughts, it is filled with precision, planning and intelligence. He never utters a word or gives a statement that has ambiguity. Most of the times, his statements are rather professional.

But recently Rajamouli also showed the lighter side in him. Apparently, many from the media are telling him that all are waiting for the trailer of Baahubali 2. For this, Rajamouli reportedly said “I cannot tell the date. If I give it, my VFX team will take it easy and do it till the date.”

He reportedly added “So, I want them to finish it first and only after they give it to me I will announce the date.” Those who heard this are having their share of laughter. Baahubali has been a visual wonder thanks to the VFX team so all eyes are now on them.