Raj Kandukuri's Daughter Makes It Clear

By - February 27, 2017 - 12:44 PM IST

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If you happen to be the son or daughter of a well known film personality and have good looks, the first expectation from the media and public alike is, you would be getting into acting. Within no time, you would also be asked by the media about the same.

While the tendency of may celebrity kids is to get into acting, there are also those exceptions who wish to follow their heart. The discussion now is about one pretty girl. Her name is Sreekanthi Kandukuri and she is the daughter of the noted producer Raj Kandukuri.

Recently, she made her debut as a singer with a devotional song ‘Shiva Leela’. After looking at her, some were speculating that she might act in movies also. She was asked the same but Sreekanthi made it clear she is not interested in acting and added she wants to work hard in classical music and singing. Of course, she mentioned she would be more inclined if it is a devotional role.