Vijay Devarakonda's 'Raasi Phalaalu'

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As you sip your early morning tea or coffee and watch the television, one program you would come across very commonly is ‘Raasi Phalaalu’ or the astrological predictions. Some of the noted scholars and astrologists tend to come up with various forms of predictions for the different Sun Signs.

While that is understood, can you imagine watching a young hero coming in the same avatar and giving predictions? Well, it has happened now and the man in discussion is Vijay Devarakonda. He is seen in the avatar of an astrologist giving out predictions.

Apparently, all this is part of the promotional activity that is happening for Vijay’s next movie Dwaraka which is preparing to hit the theatres. Those who watched this special program were not only entertained but also felt this was a very interesting attempt from Vijay and his team. Let us see what prediction is in store for his film then.

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