What Type Of A Film Deserves Nandi?

By - March 03, 2017 - 04:05 PM IST

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You may not make much money from your film but nothing beats the happiness when it gets an award or recognition. This is doubled when you get a state government honour. The government of Andhra Pradesh has got the prestigious Nandi awards.

Point is, what type of a film deserves Nandi. Apparently, few opinions are coming out that every biopic should get a special Nandi. Well, here is some food for thought. The purpose of a movie is to entertain and convey a message if any.

Just because a movie is made, award cannot be given. If that happens, the very standard and credibility of the award will come down. So, any faculty in the movie needs to have that expertise and only then it deserves to be given a Nandi Award. Hope few folks realize that.