Vizag Submarine Minting Money With Movie Effect

By - March 03, 2017 - 05:38 PM IST

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The power of cinema is such that you would not only get entertained with it but if it has anything to do with real life places or objects, even they become famous. In a way, the movie circuit contributes strongly to the tourism sector as well.

To quote an example, a sudden upsurge is being seen on the Vizag beach as many are coming to see the submarine museum. From a long time, buying tickets and going to see it never happened but now it is becoming a housefull situation.

The museum folks charge Rs 50 for entry and another Rs 50 for camera. Now, many are coming and the visitors comprise mainly of school children, youngsters and families. They are queuing up in a big way and the organizers reveal it is all the result of the movie Ghazi. That’s the story folks!