'Chachchenta Prema' Novel Made Money?

By - March 05, 2017 - 12:54 PM IST

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You may not have heard about this novel until we mentioned it here but if you ask superstar Mahesh Babu, talented director Koratala Siva about it, they would know. The reason being, this is the novel which became the cause for trouble to their movie Srimanthudu.

Apparently, a writer by name Sarat Chandra alleged that Srimanthudu was made on the basis of this novel. A lot of hungama happened and matter went to court. Now, the High Court has put a stay on the summons issued by a lower court relieving Mahesh and team.

Point is, so much controversy has happened due to this novel but did anyone care for it? Has anyone gone to the bookstore to read this novel and figure out who’s right? Has it helped the business of Sarat Chandra? Most of them are saying no so it looks like a wasted effort.

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